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The Usual Santas

“Crime writers are set loose on Christmas and come up with short stories that take place in a variety of locales, from a Korean War P.O.W. camp to a palatial hotel in 1920s Bombay, all somehow finding a way to craftily meld noir and Noel.”
–The New York Times

“The perfect holiday gift for mystery fans.”
–Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Highly recommended reading. With settings on nearly every continent, taking place from the Middle Ages to the present, and written by authors of all ages and nationalities, it is anything but usual.”
–Gumshoe Review

“What these Christmas crime stories have in common is the deep humanity at the core of crime — the ugliness, the anxiety, the generosity; all the impulses that move people to action, big and small.... fertile ground for crime fiction, on Christmas as on any other day.”
–USA Today