“Benn offers a thrilling mix of fact and fiction in his ninth whodunit featuring Boston cop-turned-army investigator Billy Boyle...the path to the truth is appropriately complex. The affable and capable Boyle continues to grow as a character, and Benn effectively uses the impending Allied invasion of Europe as the background for the whodunit plot.”
—Publisher's Weekly

“This Billy Boyle World War II mystery is an exceptionally written book…the plot and historical sights and sounds are top-notch. Whether a reader holds WWII books or suspense books close to their heart, this one will be a true find.”

—Suspense Magazine (full review to be published in the September magazine)

"A double-edged sword of a novel. A ripping murder mystery and a meditation on the terrible costs of war—hidden and otherwise.”
—Reed Farrel Coleman

The Rest Is Silence - coming 9/2/14

A Blind Goddess gets a Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly!

Pervasive racism in the U.S. Army during WWII frames Benn’s excellent eighth Billy Boyle whodunit (after 2012’s Death’s Door). In March 1944, Billy receives an appeal from an old estranged friend, Sgt. Eugene “Tree” Jackson. A member of Tree’s “colored” battalion has been arrested for the murder of Thomas Eastman, an English policeman, who was found with his head bashed in on his father’s grave in the village of Chilton Foliat. Tree is positive that the accused was mistakenly arrested. Boyle wants to help, but he’s pulled away into another homicide investigation west of London in which MI5 has an interest. The intelligence service’s role may be related to the fact that the victim’s landlords were two Germans who fled their native country because they opposed the Nazis. The superior plot and thoughtful presentation of institutional racism directed against American soldiers about to risk their lives for their country make this one of Benn’s best.

Elaborately plotted, Benn's eighth entry in the series (after Death's Door) has his World War II sleuth investigating a deplorable side of U.S. military history, His use of an ongoing narrative throughout the book to explain Billy and Tree's backstory is particularly well done.
—Library Journal

“If you are already a fan of James R. Benn’s Billy Boyle World War II mysteries, you won’t want to miss A Blind Goddess, Billy’s latest ride, and if you haven’t yet taken the ride, it’s time you did…. Benn’s writing is crisp and descriptive as it always is, and his research, again as always, is impeccable.”
—Weirs Times

"Benn doesn’t skate around the issues of race relations and segregation in the 1940’s; he dives courageously in with both feet.... With A BLIND GODDESS, [he] has served up yet another delicious mystery to sink our teeth into—no way to ration this one."
—Crimespress Magazine

"A Blind Goddess hits hardest when it examines the issue of internal racial politics during WWII... another fine, and recommended, book in a continuing series of Benn’s intriguing historical novels."
—Deadly Pleasures

Booklist review of A BLIND GODDESS in the August 1st issue:
The eighth adventure in Benn’s engaging WWII series finds recently promoted Captain Billy Boyle, special investigator for General Eisenhower, assigned to find the killer of a seemingly ordinary citizen in a country village. An odd assignment for a military man, made odder by the fact that Billy has been given orders not to investigate the German family who run the boarding house where the victim lived. Meanwhile, Billy has reconnected with an old friend from Boston, a black man called Tree, a sergeant in a tank destroyer unit. There is bad blood between Billy and Tree, but Tree puts that aside to ask for Billy’s help in freeing a friend from his unit, wrongly accused of killing an Englishman. Juggling both cases, Billy finds himself in the middle of a simmering racial conflict between the black soldiers stationed in the area and their white counterparts, who resent the fact that the blacks have been warmly received by the English....Benn’s thoroughly researched exploration of segregation in the wartime armed services is revealing and sensitively handled. Another nice mix of human drama and WWII history.
--Bill Ott

A BLIND GODDESS, the 8th Billy Boyle WWII mystery.

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Billy Boyle World War II Mystery Series
From the Mysterious Review, on Death's Door: "The 'Billy Boyle, World War II' mysteries are among the most consistently well written and researched crime novels published today, and are highly recommended."
"Taut pacing and great characters." --Crimespree Magazine
"An utterly splendid novel."
--Cornelia Read
"James Benn is a wonderful writer, and Blood Alone is terrific."
--Joseph Finder
"A solid follow up to Benn's first novel, The First Wave makes me look forward to his next."
--Robert B. Parker
"This book has got it all - an instant classic." --Lee Child. "Benn's novel flashes through the mind like celluloid images of Leslie Howard, Greer Garson and Peter Lorre" --The Guardian
"A thrilling, fast-paced book..." Mystery Scene Magazine.

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