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Rag And Bone

"…the novel’s scenes of London under siege are stark and poignant."—The New York Times Book Review

The Billy Boyle books from James R Benn are among a small group that go right to the top of the reading pile. The latest, RAG AND BONE (SOHO) is...another terrific read...Taut pacing and great characters make this series great and this is a wonderful addition to the body of work Benn is creating.

New York Times Book Review - "scenes of London under siege are stark and poignant," describing RAG AND BONE.
Marilyn Stasio calls Billy Boyle a "clever series".

RAG AND BONE receives a starred review in Publisher's Weekly!
July 19, 2010:
"Uncle Ike" (aka General Eisenhower) personally pins silver first lieutenant bars on Billy Boyle in Benn's stellar fifth WWII mystery...Benn excels at depicting the impact of war on London--the bricks from bombed buildings piled neatly on the streets, families living in Tube stations, "the odor of the Blitz." Destruction aside, Billy never forgets that "Even in the midst of war, murder is unacceptable."

Graceful plotting, a strong supporting cast and a modern take on ’40s dialogue all come together to make the Billy Boyle series one of the finest—perhaps the finest—of contemporary period mysteries. This is not James R. Benn’s first Mystery of the Month; odds are good it won’t be his last. For the full review, see:

BOOKLIST praises Rag And Bone:
August 2010:
Benn shrewdly combines the political cat-and-mouse game with the murder investigation, offering a fascinating glimpse of the wartime
intelligence world (Allies spying on Allies) and how it laid the groundwork for the Cold War. In addition,his portrayals of the invdividual lives affected by the global machinations reflect an almost Graham Greene–like feel for nuance. Definitely one of the best in a steadily improving series.