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"Souvenir by James R. Benn is an enthralling study of the wounds left by war, age, and secrets. Horrific, beautiful, and constantly surprising, this novel haunts me still."
-- Stuart Neville, award-winning author of The Ghosts of Belfast, Stolen Souls, and So Say the Fallen.

Unlike all my other books, this story simply poured out onto the page. I felt haunted writing it. The story of Clay Brock and Jake Burnett - what they endured and how they lived with it - is important for us all. Their war was cold, during that freezing winter in Northwest Europe, and the wars our servicemen and women suffer through today are blazing hot on another continent. But they are the same. Death, stress, incompetent leaders, the bond of battle, all these things do not change. Souvenir is a novel of memory, identity, longing and loss.
--James R. Benn